Advanced Features, Excellent Value

High standards are standard - we produce lab-quality vector network analyzers that provide high accuracy, wide dynamic range, a familiar UI and a broad variety of standard features. The expert support for our advanced test equipment is located right in our Indianapolis facility. All that, and at a competitive price.

See how USB VNAs were developed to solve real engineering problems.

Why Choose USB VNAs?

USB VNAs increase productivity and lower costs for test, control, and design applications, capitalizing on the ever-increasing performance of personal computers. Engineers using this format can downsize their equipment and experience significant productivity gains at a fraction of the cost of traditional analyzers.
Read about other engineers' experience with USB VNAs.


  • Dr. Daniel Valuch, CERN , Dept. BE, Radio-Frequency Group - I bought the instrument for two main purposes. First is to have them fix installed in the accelerator to do all kinds of setting up and second is the cable measurements after installation. We transmit...

  • Denis Ng, Director of Marketing and Infrastructure Solutions for Rosenberger Asia Pacific - Thanks for lending me the VNA for trial evaluation. I have used it to test passive RF components (698 to 2700 MHz) for insertion loss and return loss. I am very pleased with the performance of the Pla...

  • Elliot Riley of ARL provides comment - "From all of the measurements taken, it can safely be concluded that the Copper Mountain Planar 304/1 Network Analyzer is just as accurate as the current Agilent E8364B PNA Network Analyzer used in th...